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Link to us and get up to $40 credit!


Here's our swap proposal to you:

Swap links for real dollars!

1 link to us = $10 listing discount
2 links = free BASIC 3-month listing (or $20 discount)
3 links = or $30 discount
6 links = free STANDARD 1-year listing (or $60 discount)
For a limited time post your GoSwap.org ad or our link (see below) to any other website, blog, or forum and we will provide you with a discount coupon worth $10 per link or $30 for every 3 links. All links must be from different domains (e.g. site1.com site2.com site3.com). Credits can be used to post a free listing or get an upgrade, such as, a featured listing. This is just another way GoSwap.org is helping sellers to promote their property.

click How To Link tab to continue...

What...? You will pay me to advertise my own listing?

That's right! We hope that other people will see yours and post their properties as well. Our goal is to increase the pool of available assets for trade.

How to link

Place any number of links to GoSwap.org or your listing:

  • If you already have a GoSwap.org listing click on Seller Tools tab inside your listing where you can find the pre-formatted HTML code for your listing then copy and paste it on any other classifieds sites or blogs.
  • Or
  • Use this option if you have not yet posted a listing... Simply copy and paste the following HTML code into any websites (blogs, forums, myspace, facebook, use it as signature, etc.), then click on Discount Code Generator tab above to retrieve your free listing coupon code.
Use this HTML Code Widget will look like:
Trade Real Estate FREE at GoSwap.org
Trade Real Estate FREE at GoSwap.org Permanently exchange properties around the world with no commissions or fees! Swap homes, land, timeshares, businesses, cars, RVs, boats, etc. GoSwap.org offers free media rich listings.
House swapping is sweeping the nation! Friends, help your friends to sell homes! Post a property for permanent trade and start receiving offers. No commissions or fees, only at GoSwap.org
This widget is not suitable for Craigslist, eBay or sites that do not support Flash
click to visit www.GoSwap.org
This widget is not suitable for Craigslist, eBay or sites that do not support Facebook iframes.

View more widget options or use your own wording and replace the text above as long as your ad links back to any  http://GoSwap.org page.

Here are the steps to post to Craigslist once the listing is active at GoSwap.org (same procedure for other sites):

1 Open your GoSwap.org listing > click on Seller Tools
2 In the newly opened window with HTML code of your listing, Ctrl+a to select all code > Ctrl+c to copy the source code
3 Open www.craigslist.org click Post To Classifieds
4 Fill out all necessary fields, then Ctrl+p to paste your copied listing code into the ad description > submit and bamm, you are done!
The newly posted listing will have a photo with a link to your listing on GoSwap.org. This allows you to post twice as many photos in one click, instead of choosing and uploading each photo to Craigslist. Keep in mind that your Craigslist ad will expire in 45 days, while GoSwap.org listing will be active for one year. Reposting to Craigslist is even easier because all your pictures are stored at GoSwap.org. So you will only have to click once to resubmit the Craigslist ad. There is no need to re-upload pictures.
NOTE: One credit will be given per domain (so you cannot claim credit for multiple pages on the same site).
Some of the places users link to GoSwap.org are:
craigslist.org Facebook.com myspace.com activerain.com digg.com Yahoo! answers Zillow forums local forums, free classifieds, blogs, personal websites, comments to articles, etc...

Our widgets do not work on: Kijii.com or other websites where HTML is not accepted.
Once you submit your links just enter your URLs in The Discount Code Generator tab above and we will immediately generate the promotional coupon that you can use to list for free or upgrade your existing GoSwap.org listing. questions?

You can use the procedure above to embed your lisrting practically on any website.

Why do we offer all of this for free?

There is no catch. We just want other sellers in your area to discover GoSwap.org and your ad will link them to our website.

Alternatively, you may place 20 links to any GoSwap.org pages and we will pay $20 cash! No subscription required!

Ready to get the promo code? click The Discount Code Generator tab above