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We want you to succeed at trading your asset at the least possible cost, so here are few tips to consider:

We offer two types of listing plans: prepaid listings, where you pre-pay for a listing and are not required to pay any additional fees to view proposals;
OR pay-per-lead listings, where we activate an unpaid listing for FREE under the Basic plan within 24 hours. Basic listings require payment of $6.99 to view each enquiry (the listing will not cost anything if there are no enquiries).

If you are not sure about this trading concept or feel your property is somewhat less desired, or is in "unpopular" location -- choose the Free Basic Listing Plan and see how it performs. If you start receiving enquiries you can switch to a paid listing later.

If you wish to maximize your marketing efforts, receive as many visitors as possible, be at the top of the search results, have guaranteed views and offers, showcase your property with the maximum number of images--choose one of the Featured Plans.

If you wish to gradually ease into trading at an average cost--choose either the Standard or the Enhanced Plan.

If you have more than 6 listings it would be beneficial to switch to Unlimited Listing Plans which allows you to insert any number of listings at no additional charge.

What are Panorama Virtual Tours or VTours? These are wide angle and panorama images that you you can upload to showcase your property in 3D motion. Most users do not have these types of images though.

What are files? You may upload most document type files including: Word, PDF, Excel, and SWF. The complete list includes these file extensions: jpg, gif, png, egg, pdf, doc, swf, avi, mov, mpg, sbd, stc, std, sti, stw, svw, sxc, sxd, sxg, sxi, sxm

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Standard listing includes 5 images, unlimited proposals, and is not syndicated to other websites.

Enhanced Listing > images: (10)   upload panorama virtual tours: (3)   upload files: (3)

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Enhanced listing Enhanced listing is good for up to 1 year with 10 images, 3 files, videos, and 3 panorama tours. Users are notified by email about your new listing. We submit enhanced and featured listings to many other sites.

Our syndication partners are:, etc..

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Featured listing
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The real estate book We offer full money back guarantee if we fail to produce listing views or enquiries we promised. Featured listing has all the benefits of enhanced listing, PLUS it will appear at the top of search results, on our homepage, press, news, and forums sections.

Homes And Land Featured listings are also periodically submitted to in addition to other sites. Featured listings are highlighted and receive 200-300 additional views per month, some as many as 7,000 views per year and over 60 offers to trade.

The Real Estate Book listing includes a 1/8-1/4 page print ad in one issue of The Real Estate Book in your area PLUS a featured 1 year listing The Real Estate Book

BULK LISTING PLANS:    Post unlimited number of 1-year listings

UNLIMITED Standard listings $399

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12-month $399
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UNLIMITED Enhanced listings $499

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12-month $499
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Bulk listing plans also include listing duplication service: if you have many similar listings create one, we duplicate it, then edit price, address, etc.

Have more than 6 listings? Want a quick way to enter a bunch of similar listings? Order the unlimited listings plan and submit unlimited number of listings at no additional charge. We can also duplicate any of your listings infinite times. So if you have very similar listings, create one, we will duplicate it # times, then you can edit each listing to change address, pictures, etc.

Unlimited Featured Listings can have up to 20 images with slideshows, videos, PDFs, Word, and Excel files. We also submit all enhanced and featured listings to 20+ major real estate portals including Google Base, etc

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Free basic listings are designed for sellers who wish to try our services absolutely free and only pay once there is an inquiry or a swap proposal submitted on the listing.

Once a swap proposal is made the seller may choose to pay $6.99 to view the enquiry or upgrade to one of the Pre-Paid Plans above. Keep in mind that if the listing receives more than 4 enquiries it would be less costly to upgrade to the Standard Paid Listing or other upgraded plans, which receive better exposure, more trade proposals, and allow for 5 to 20 images. To activate for free please click "Activeate Your Free Listing" button.

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