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Some GoSwap.org listings receive 1,000's of views

Many GoSwap.org listings attracted over 1,000 viewers, some as many as 1,600 listing visitors in the last few weeks, thanks to our revolutionary pay-per-performance upgrades available to all users. The way it works is simple, when your upgrade we specifically direct relevant traffic to your listing. Most visitors will come from the search engines and websites based on the keywords inside your listing description. As always, our basic listings which include 10 pictures are free, we only charge for optional upgrades that directly relate to you listing performance. To enable the upgrades, simply login to your account and choose one of the upgrade options on the left menu.

Swapping homes has been one of the hottest topics in the news lately as featured in Yahoo! and TheStreet.com. All current articles and discussions are available on our forums. Feel free to participate, anyone can login to the forums with the same account used to create listings. One last note, our mapping feature is now fully implemented, so visitors can view all listings on a cool dynamic map updated in real time. All real estate listings are automatically placed on the map free of charge as long the address fields are filled in correctly. So be sure to update your listing(s) accordingly.


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