Metro Page Terms Metro Page Terms And Conditions:

  • 1. Content and Revenue. Metro Page Representatives (from now on Affiliates) can place advertising material, or any other legal product, or real estate related material on the Metro Page they represent, in efforts to generate leads and revenue. will not place any promotional material inside of the body portion of the metro page owned by the affiliates as defined by the three unlimited text boxes in listing editor. However, reserves the right to place links, maps, listings in the metro area, just below the Affiliate content, and advertising on the left, top, or bottom outer portions of the Metro Pages that are part of overall website template, which cannot be easily excluded.

    Affiliate is entitled to keep 100% of the revenue generated by the Affiliate efforts.

    All current services included with the Metro Page are presented at: and are subject to change as we introduce and enhance our services. Please understand the this service is still in beta as we are still implementing some of the additional features.

  • 2. Lease Term and Payment.
    Affiliate has exclusive right and full access to edit and control the Metro Page for the term of the lease, which is typically equal to the term for which Affiliate has prepaid in advance. Affiliate has the right to prepay for any number of months or years upfront to secure uninterrupted lease. All payments are not refundable. Affiliate has the full right to renew or cancel the service at any time upon lease expiration. The minimum lease term is determined by our payment plans effective the date when the Affiliate signs up ore renews the service.
  • In the event that our server service is down for more than 3 hours, we will prorate and refund any unused portion of the lease payment for as long as we could not provide website access.
  • 3. Affiliate Listings.
    Affiliate is entitled to place unlimited number of Standard One Year Listings at no additional charge.
  • 4. Blog.
    Each Metro Page comes with it's own blog or comments section at the bottom of the page. Any Metro Page visitors can leave comments or write blog posts. Affiliate has the right to moderate and delete any posts: the posts will be minimized after 2 negative votes, and unpublished after 3 votes.
  • 5. Cancelation and Disposition.
    Affiliate will be given 7 day notice by email prior to Metro Page expiration, at which time a lease payment is expected for at least one month or more. In case if the payment is not received within 7 days after Metro Page expiration, reserves the right to transfer the Metro Page into its own account. Metro Page may be reinstated upon a lease payment. Affiliate may also sell the lease to a third party and keep any revenue generated from the sale.
  • 6. Technical Support.
    Affiliate is entitled to unlimited tech support via email in editing the content of the Metro Page.
Agreement last modified March 9, 2009