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Transfer any listing to GoSwap.org -- get offers for your property!

We’re extending a special offer to our valued GoSwap.org members and for only $19 we will transfer any listing posted on any other website (including pictures) to GoSwap.org,

How does it work?

Our staff copies photos and information from your existing MLS or any other  listing to create your GoSwap.org listing. We market your property so you can spend your time doing what you do best- answering inquiries about potential permanent swaps.

1. When you decide, simply go to listing upgrades page and choose ANY package: View our listing plans

2. During PayPal checkout click on "Add special instructions for the Merchant" and include a link to your existing listing and write a short description about what you'd like to swap your property for.

3. Pay for the listing and sit back. We will post your ad within 24 hours and send you an email. You can use your original login you created to access and edit your listings.

What does a GoSwap.org subscription include?

1 year renewable listing, good until sold.
15 photos to show off your property online, at no additional cost.
Send and receive unlimited swap proposals.

If you'd rather post the listing yourself for free, simply login, click new ad, submit ad and provide 4 emails, then enter the promo code we give you. You listing becomes live in seconds.


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