How to upload Virtual Tours supports up to three Virtual Tours per ENHANCED listing in addition to normal images. Please make sure you have a panoramic (very wide) image before uploading it to the Virtual Tours section:

Standard Spherical 360 Panoramic Images in .jpg format (Built in Full Support using PTViewer)

EGG Solution Virtual Tours using .egg files

To upload virtual tours: Login > My Account > Edit listing > Insert images > Upload virtual tours

The maximum width of the stitched or wide angle image cannot exceed 3000px.

To upgrade to ENHANCED listing:
Login > My Account > Edit listing > Activate ? renew listing plan > choose either ENHANCED or FEATURED listing > submit.

You will then be able to upload up to 3 virtual tours, Word, Excel, PDF or video files, as well as up 20 images. Your original listing will be extended so you will not loose any pre-paid time.
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