Why am I being charged to view trade proposals?

We offer trial listings completely free until the seller receives an enquiry or trade proposal. At that time we ask the listing owner to either switch to a paid listing or purchase the lead in order to view the enquiry. We believe this is a fair trade where we advertise the sellers' property at no charge and only ask for a payment if and when there is an enquiry. If the seller never receives any proposals then there is never any charge for free basic listings.

Once the seller upgrades to a paid listing all future enquiries and swap proposals are sent by email, while past proposals can be viewed at: My account > Edit listings > View proposals.

Our pricing starts from $20 for a 2-month or $60 for a 1-year STANDARD listing. To upgrade: Login > My Account > Edit Listings > Activate / Renew / Upgrade. Once the listing is upgraded the seller will be able to:
  • Upload 5-20 images and documents (based on the listing plan chosen)
  • View unlimited number of proposals at no charge
  • Receive more enquiries as the listing will be upgraded and placed higher in the search results.

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When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).