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Are you a real estate professional, a mortgage broker, or an entrepreneur?

Now starting from $60 per year
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Quick Facts
  • We are international, so if you'd like to open a metro page in any country, please enquire or follow the directions outlined below.
  • Represent house trading in any city, large or small, as long as it is not taken.
  • How to determine if the area is still available?
    View available major metros
    If your area is not in the Metro Page Directory (or map), it is then available. If the metro page is currently hosted by GoSwap.org Metros, then it is also available.
    Otherwise, reserve a nearby metro or click on the Waiting List tab above. Most contracts run 3-12 months and if the current host decides not to renew, you will be the first to be notified.
We are seeking one qualified local individual or company per metro area to become the Exclusively GoSwap.org Metro Page representative for your area. You would be the ONLY person to operate the webpage and you would have control over its content, advertising products, and services.

  • Agents and Mortgage Brokers receive qualified leads from owners who wish to sell or trade their properties in your local market. Receive commission as an agent or get paid to be a trade facilitator, whether you are a mortgage broker, a lawyer, an agent, or a title company.
  • Promote your own business on the Metro Page, and/or insert banner ads, Google Adsense or any other real estate related promotional material. Signup visitors for YOUR newsletter, insert contact forms, and collect leads.
  • We now offer unlimited 1-year listings with a purchase of Unlimited Plan on GoSwap.org and we will further syndicate them to Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Vast.com, byownerMLS.com, Homesbyowner.com, Google Base, and many other websites we partner with.
  • The permanent house swapping marketplace is exploding and GoSwap.org offers Exclusive Territories for you to build a new business or increase your existing business.
  • GoSwap.org receives over 500,000 monthly page views; and we are currently in all markets throughout the US and many other countries.
  • Please click on the tabs at the top of this article to learn more

New feature: Write your own Metro Page blog or discussion with user comments. Get notified of all new comments and respond privately or publicly.

Not a Real Estate Pro?

  • This opportunity is perfect for Entrepreneurs, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, FSBO Magazine Publishers, Builders, Title Companies, Investors, Property Managers, Newspaper Publishers, or anyone who wants to catch this new wave of buying and selling assets.
  • Advertise your own services or contact local real estate agents, title companies, attorneys, RV, boat, and car dealers, even furniture companies, or any other local businesses and offer placements of banner or text ads on your GoSwap.org Metro Page. Charge per month or per ad impression and keep 100% of revenues.
We sell the exclusive rights to our website markets on a first come - first serve basis.

For Agents

Agents and Brokers can benefit greatly by joining the GoSwap.org property exchange platform.

Agents can potentially represent both parties in a swap transaction and earn commission from both sides.

Realtors can also increase listing volume by specializing in trading real estate as an additional service and attract this emerging niche of home swappers.

Mortgage brokers can be "swap-friendly" and specialize in generating mortgages for both parties in a trade.

Our agent services range from representing an entire metropolitan area to subscribing and receiving leads.

  • Agents and Brokers can benefit greatly by joining the GoSwap.org property exchange platform.

  • Agents can potentially represent both parties in a swap transaction and earn commission from both sides.

  • Realtors can also increase listing volume by specializing in trading real estate as an additional service and attract this emerging niche of home swappers.

Metro Rep Listing Pricing (hint it's free)

As an agent, bulk upload listings at no charge and save $20 per listing! Upload any number of listings from a spreadsheet or create a sample listing and we will duplicate it infinite times and you can later edit each listing.

We also have a system to upload listings from MLS or any other source that can export data in Excel, .csv, or comma and tab defined formats. We will supply the format and will certainly help you to manage the upload. All listings can have one central contact agent or firm account, which can be linked to your Metro Page. All of the other extensive features available on our website will also apply.

Features included at no additional cost:

  • Listings are good until sold, swapped, or removed by agent
  • 5-20 pictures per listing with cool Lightbox effects and slideshow emulation
  • 3 Virtual Tours per listing
  • Agent's own GoSwap.org page with a table of all listings, agent picture, contacts, and link to agent's website.
  • All listing enquiries are sent to agent's email.
  • In addition, agent can review all listing enquiries for each listing and email directly from My Account tab.
  • Agents can receive SMS text messages from listings. See more info below.
  • Numerous Listing Upgrades available designed to bring 1,000's of additional listing views.

View proposed swaps

This indispensable feature will group all proposed swap emails and attach them to a corresponding listing which will allow you to manage, follow up, and respond directly from your account. Agents also get notification by email whenever someone proposes a swap.


As a Metro Page host, do I receive all fees for listings submitted in my metro area?
Unfortunately not. As mentioned earlier Metro Page by itself will not produce any revenue, unless you offer services, promote them, and collect fees. We are, however, working on the system that will be able to track which Metro Page generated a new paid listing, and once implemented we will be able to share the commission with the Metro Page hosts.
So then how do I exactly benefit from having the Metro Page?
  • 1. If you are a real estate professional then the Metro Page will serve as an excellent billboard for you to advertise your own specialized property trading services. We suggest advertising to list properties in the MLS as "for sale or trade" and offer your clients various marketing packages, i.e.:

    Full service brokerage where you place a listing in MLS and our website (remember you will have free unlimited listings)

    Hand-held marketing plan: perhaps you can charge to submit to our site and try finding a match for the client. Keep in mind that many people are computer illiterate, so you can charge a flat fee to advertise and search for their property match.

    Doc. Preparation Plan: you help the client to facilitate a swap by overseeing the contracts, mortgage process, and closings.

    You will have a short URL (e.g. www.goswap.org/yourcity) to which you will direct potential clients. Your listings (if any) will be linked as well. Having the Metro Page will add credibility and show all visitors that house trading is your niche.

    Differentiate yourself from the rest of the realtors

  • 2. If you are not a real estate professional, you can attract other real estate professionals to advertise their services on your page. You can charge them on monthly or yearly basis and we will help you to insert PayPal buttons. Please review ideas on how to profit from the page by clicking on "Not a real estate pro?" tab above.
Is the Metro Page exclusive?
Yes, we will not create any other page for the sane metro. You will be the host for as long as you pay the lease fees or prepay in advance. We give you 7 day notice prior to the listing expiration.
What if I don't have any listings for trade of my own?
You may still represent the area. We pre-fill the map with all current listings in your specified city. Any new listings will automatically appear on the map. In addition, your own listings will be linked to your profile and can be accessible under View My Listings.
Can I represent several metros or cities?
Yes. Each Metro Page comes with an approximate 25 mile radius. We offer $50 discount on each additional metro reservation, if prepaid for 6 months or more. This fee will be refunded after you register your 2nd metro.

Waiting List

Is your area taken?

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Two ways to participate:

Represent a Metro Area - from $40 per month

  • Differentiate yourself from the rest...

  • You Control Your Metro Page (offer supplemental services)
  • You Run The Business (add credibility to your professional image by specializing in property trading)
  • You Retain 100% of the Income and Leads