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Standard listing is good for 1 year with 5 images, but is not syndicated to other websites, users are hot notified of your new listing, no files, videos, or panorama image tours can be added.

Enhanced listing Enhanced listing is good for 1 year with 20 images, files, videos, or virtual tours can be added, and it is syndicated to other websites. Users are notified of your new listing. Some of the sites we syndicate to are:, etc..

Featured listingFeatured listing has all the features of enhanced listing, PLUS it will appear at the top of search results, on our homepage, press, news, and forums sections. Featured listings are highlighted and receive 200-300 additional views per month, some as many as 8,000 views per year. Featured listings are also periodically submitted to in addition to other sites. We guarantee at least 3,000 views for 1-year featured listings, or your money back.

The real estate bookThe Real Estate Book listing includes a 1/8-1/4 page print ad in one issue of The Real Estate Book in your area PLUS a featured 1 year listing The Real Estate Book


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keep equity
One of the biggest advantages of trading properties versus selling in a declining market is value preservation. Both parties in a trade can agree on the property values they are comfortable with, and not the values dictated by foreclosures and short sales in the area. More info at How to swap...