How are we better? listing service is very flexible. You can specify potential exchanges for various items. For example, you can swap land for a car, another property, or a prolonged vacation at the beach -- just use your imagination and think of things you desire. Post as many possible barter combinations as possible as this will increase your chances of finding a match. With one year free listings, detailed directory of property exchange ads, automatic listing submission to GoogleBase, Yahoo, Edgeio, and other classifieds aggregators, your media rich ad is far more likely to reach its intended audience.
Granted, there are many free classifieds on the internet, some are very popular, only very few specialize in property exchanges, but they all have limitations. For instance, Craigslist is very popular, but your listing will only appear for 45 days (or even 10 days in some areas), with limited searching options as there is no directory for barter ads, plus only 4 pictures are allowed and you have to resubmit them upon listing expiration. What's the likelihood of someone finding a match for your property in just 45 days? Not great. This is precisely why we set out a goal to create the most comprehensive property exchange directory with fewer limits on types of properties listed, and prolonged listing exposures. {rsform 2}

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When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).