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We maintain a database of swap-friendly realtors, mortgage brokers, and lawyers who specialize in permanent real estate exchange, as well as 1031 exchange. All pre-screened professionals we refer are "swap-friendly". Realtors are likely to charge a typical commission to list a property or a flat fee for a limited services to "hold your hand" in a swap transaction. Other arrangements can be made. charges a one time finder's fee of $49, which connects you, the property owner, with the professional in your area. This fee is fully refundable if we are unsuccessful in locating a professional in your area.


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When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).