How to benefit from realtor services when trading properties

What if one or both parties are represented by real estate agents?

Well, the disadvantage for homeowners, of course, is the commission that will now eat away valuable equity on both ends. But the advantages could be tremendous in the form of the expertise that agents will hopefully provide, especially if they have already been through real estate exchange transactions before. We suggest to sellers advertising their property both ways, by owner and through realtors. One example of such an arrangement is Open Listing in which the property seller is obligated to pay the commission ONLY if the realtor finds the buyer or arranges a property exchange. If, on the other hand, the homeowner finds the buyer him or herself then no commission is due. Freedom is the main advantage of Open Listing agreements, although they are not very common.

Real estate agents are encouraged to promote property exchanges. There are many benefits for the agents, the biggest of which is the commission. The agent receives commission on both sides when trading houses (assuming none of the properties are represented by another agent). If the properties are in different states and represented by different realtors, then the agent can at least get a referral from the agent representing the other party.

Property exchange is truly a win-win situation in any market, but especially in slow real estate markets. Agents specializing in property trading will find themselves in an untapped niche full of potential. Homeowners who use the services of a real estate agent specializing in exchanges will benefit from guidance and help in finding exchange-friendly title and mortgage companies.

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