How to tweak your listing and gain additional exposure?

Computers are not humans, so if some options are not selected in your swap criteria this will generate fewer hits. Your swap criteria is one of the areas to tweak in order to make your listing appear more frequently in the search results.

  • Are all potential states and countries selected for which you might consider trading? Keep in mind that many users and our system perform "reverse searches" allowing to view "who wants my property." So, if a state that you might consider trading for is not chosen your ad will not appear when performing a reverse search for that state. The same applies to property types that you may consider swapping for.
  • How open is your swap criteria? Keep it as open as possible unless you would only consider a trade for a very specific type of property in a precise location.
  • Would you take some land? Land is naturally more difficult to sell or trade, so we have lots of it for trade. If you'd consider land as part of your swap you'd greatly increase chances of finding a taker for your asset.
  • Are you downsizing or would only trade for the amount of your equity? This would be the kind of swap that we would call "one-sided" -- favoring only one party. Please keep in mind that a trade is only possible if both parties are happy. Obviously, in these harsh economic times many sellers would love to only trade down, or only trade for their equity, so that the other side brings in additional funds (or loans) to closing. In reality, it is much harder to find wealthier party to trade with, but not impossible. Your trade then must possess other qualities or be otherwise more appealing.

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