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Transportation for sale or trade Transportation for sale or trade > California > LAke Arrowhead > Zip: 92352

Active ID: 14337 4 items to trade - ask for pics - CAR - 2 BIKES - Gold Watch + (2 homes free/cle

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08 Mustg Convert+ 2 BMW K1200LT bikes+GOLD Watch+ many other items for TRADE ask for pictures of our other items

- MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 2008  18/28 mpg  84k miles fun fun fun $10k

TWO BMW K1200LT bikes 05 $9k and 08 $11k both 25k miles  44mpg

- GOLD WATCH Lucien Piccard Vintage Classic  worth $7500 retail 

- 3 seaSCAPE ART Prints by "Alverez)

- 1 world class WATER PURIFIERS

- many other items - read our WANTS and HAVES LIST

- 2 homes listed here

08 Mustg Convert+ 2 BMW K1200LT bikes+GOLD Watch+ many other items for TRADE
ask for pictures of our other items - MUSTANG CONVERTIBLE 2008 18/28 mpg 84k miles fun fun fun $10k TWO BMW K1200LT bikes 05 $9k and 08 $11k both 25k miles 44mpg - GOLD WATCH Lucien Piccard Vintage Classic worth $7500 retail - 3 seaSCAPE ART Prints by "Alverez) - 1 world class WATER PURIFIERS - many other items - read our WANTS and HAVES LIST - 2 homes listed here

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enclosed trailer, bread truck, box UPS

- CAMP, LODGE, RESORT - RETREAT - huge home - farmette - theater or something big to base a WELLNESS CENTER - HEALTH CENTER Direct Sales operation .........

NO ART - no gems - no land - thanks

can add free-clear 5-4-2 3000sf rental home = about $20k/yr income

-------- These are the things WE NEED to acquire: (pls10 a t ho t m ai l) --------
1- METAL DETECTOR - modern only
2- Mountain Bike, man’s, 26’ wheels, 19-21” frame, front suspension, great tires and brakes…
3- SMALL GUN for pest control for varmint’s - 22 target pistol for ground squirrels
4a-- iPOD 5 type with FM radio feature for music on our big Touring Bike …
4b – SMARTPhone – this would be our first one – we do not text – so no keyboard – 2yrs old max – great shape please ..
5- GPS navigation map for CAR or BIKE – must be newer with some accessories…
6- Smartphone 3g CELL phone for PagePLUS/Verizon Service – like Droid X2 or Incredible ?
7- knee wrap – leg warmer – knee brace … large for man
8- WEED WACKER, must be in great shape, like new
9- enclosed TRAILER medium size, about 6x12 –ish ? – must be DRY for storage, older-used, safe, titled and registered.. needs to carry about 1800-2800 pounds cargo, and towed by an Explorer with a good hitch
10- LOG furniture, pedestal bed for mountain home
11- Scaffolding for 1.5 story’s high to paint under deck on hill slope – paint sprayer ?

12 - CARPETING for 3 bedrooms and 2 stairs.. brown - tan - medium pile 500-900sf ?
13- stun-Gun – Tazer/Taser
14- unique muscle-sport car 1969-70 AMX.. 2003-06 XK8.. Avanti II.. 1973 P1800ES or ?
15- TARP large, small … rubber entrance mat… roll mat ?
16- 2013 fast modern newer i7 LAPTOP, quad-core
17- SHEEP SKIN seat covers to fit 08 Mustang with side airbags
18- ENDURO motorcycle… $500 to $4400 dirt bike or touring motorcycle… or ?
19- small simple SEWING MACHINE for single man –easy-to-use only please
20- large WET SUIT for 5’10” man 210 lbs, sleeveless – Shorty legs best – or we will cut
21- GOLDWING Honda 1500SE motorcycle ACCESSORIES wanted
22- WET SUIT ½ - ¾ - or maybe full and we cut it down… for mature man 210 lbs 5 10”


Year: 2008
Make: ford
Model: mustang
Value: $11,577
Total loans: $0
City: LAke Arrowhead
State or Country: California
Zip: 92352
US Metro?: Los Angeles Area, CA
Vehicle Milage: 82
Vehicle Type
  • Classic,
  • Convertible,
  • Coupe,
  • Motorcycle,
  • Motorhome,
  • Other,
  • SUV,
  • Sedan,
  • Truck

Ext. Color: silver
Int. Color: gray

Description: read our complete listing please
pls10 at hotmail and lets do a fair deal

- 2008 Convertible Mustang V6 18-27mpg, 5-speed automatic, Ford Convertible silver/gray/black, well maintained - lovingly owned, special “mustang pattern” interior seat cloth, electric seats, shaker 500watt stereo w/ ipod input and am/fm/6-CD, keyless entry, alarm, good tires, no oil leaks, no smoke, runs and steers great, very clean engine compartment, top works good, 83k Calif. freeway miles, regular gas 4.0L 210hp with 240 torque fuel injected V6, Brakes-Type-4 Wheel DISC, Engine Immobilizer, ABS, air bags front and side ! – power mirrors, seats and door locks, one-touch power windows, split-folding rear seat, adjustable steering wheel, excellent consumer and safety ratings, glass heated rear window, all stock… $14,900 Blue Book - $31k new… Dec 2012 eBay similar car sold for $17k !

-was $13,888.. now $____ – 2009 BMW K1200 LT black – 24,900 miles – trailer hitch – bike like new, great shape – GPS navigation – electric windshield – ABS - computer – 44-50 mpg on computer – newer rear tire - ABS – all usual LT features

-was $10,589.. now $____ -2005 BMW K1200LT, 40-48mpg, custom blue, only 24k miles, intercom+6CD (both not stock), electric windscreen, heated grips+seat, cruise, temp, am/fm, leather good shape, ABS, pic’s tell the whole story, affordable fun, beautiful lines, World-Class Performance, economical weekend get-away machine or commuter

- $189each 3 LEATHER JACKETS men’s / woman’s… tan color, great shape.. ask for pictures and details… were $200-$450 new – woman’s “Adventure Bound” S … mens = “Midway” XL and “Greg Bell” L about 42-45 –ish – no rips – no stains – nice to motorcycle or cool fashion statement ?

- only $199 Dell ST2420L HD LED backlight flat panel MONITOR .. Stand Base.. Power Cord.. CD Driver.. VGA CABLE.. 1920 X 1080 .. HDMI, DVI, VGA Input ... Energy Star 5

-$99 for complete set of about 10-13 wonderful COLLECTOR PLATES almost a foot in diameter, all from the 1980’s I think … NORMAN ROCKWELL and MOTHERS DAY THEME on most of them.. in mint condition in box that states: Edwin M. Knowles Newell, W. Virginia American Fine China – The BRADFORD Exchange – all have CERTIFICATE of Authenticity.. I think all the plates are “NUMBERED” and say “Limited Edition” on the back with “official stuff stamped on them

- $374 – new/never-used! Reverse Osmosis Counter-top WATER FILTER/Clean Water System, white, $434 retail price – Top-of-the-line / World Class unit click this link

- $635 value.. now only - $290 - Sales Person's Day-Planner/Business Planner System - is for the mlm, multi-level marketing - Direct Sales Industry – PARTY PLAN BRAND NEW – I am the designed and local author… used by distributors in: Away, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, Herbalife

-$1,299 is for the first 2 nice LIMITED EDITION Alverez SEASCAPE ART PRINTs - Sea Scapes/Seascapes /landscape beach/ocean – large 39x61”, in many wonderful earth tones -google this artist and see how valuable these prints are – see pic’s ……………… we have another seascape original picture 44 x 32” medium size to go with the other 2 seascape theme. I think its and original piece from a local artist - her name is on the bottom – I have a picture of the name for you to try to see - $399 for this last original local artist seascape ;

-$179 for 2 cooool Art POSTERS/prints – one says: “ The World Returns to Los Angeles for the City Marathon March 1st 1987 and is about 18 x 24 inches in a gold colored metal frame … the other poster is in a metal silver frame that states: “ Vanity Number – the VOGUE Company and the publisher data, it is about 18 x 24”

- $1,244 GLASS MARBLE DINNING ROOM SET - WAS $1988 – now only $1,299 – PAID $2977 new.. now only - it is about 42”x66” x .5” inch thick beveled-glass/L-marble base dinning room set with 6 nice white chairs... very cool ! Tan L-bases - all very heavy ... receipt shows $2900 new ! the bevel is over 1.25” wide… each tan L-base is 1” thick marble x 19” wide x19” wide x 28” high - white chairs are a little dirty, but we paid for Scotch Guarding when new

- $7500 - Incredible GOLD WATCH: weighs 57grams, beautiful, Vintage Classic Lucien Piccard Swiss Watch, rare/per the Lucien Piccard Factory Expert’s 1-2010. Luxurious looks and appeal. This Handsome Vintage Classic Gold-Gold-Gold Watch has undergone a complete “clean‘n service” by the LP FACTORY, watch was found to be in great shape and is now again in like-new condition. Gold leaf/wheat hand-made/custom band tapers from 18mm to 15mm wide, and is stylish, gold case has a thinner style. Gold round face is custom with black roman numerals, watch head 28.4mm wide. Mechanical winding watch with blue sapphire jewel capping the winder. Fashionable thinner-type watch. Have an insurance appraisal for around $5000 from 1989-ish when I bought it, so this Handsome, Luxurious, Rare, Appreciating Swiss Gold Watch could be worth maybe $__ now? Google LP, find out their interesting History/Fascinating Co. ASK FOR GREAT PIC's – NOTE: 11-2012 update: per a watch expert, he said: “Trading value on your watch my guess would be about $7,500 (the Retail value) – watch expert 2012 “GARY”

========== homes listed herein =========
1- is our nice 5 bed 4 bath 2car attached garage... 2-masters, handsome all-brick, 2-story with good layout, Jacuzzi tub, security system, 3,000sf on nice Forest Cove Golf Course in Kingwood TX… that brings in $20k/yr cash-flow income when it is rented, (vacant now for remodeling after 2 year lease came-up) ..., it is in a solid older custom-home / owner-occupied neighborhood.. the house has a newer a/c-heat unit, good tenants who pay EARLY! We are Absentee Owners (has been NO-HASSEL from California), only visited the property 1 time in 7 years! – NOTE: over the next 10yrs, this home will most likely GAIN $150,000 in equity… as well as cash-flowing another $200,000 in rental income = $350,000 positive movement on your balance-sheet. This is NO exaggeration… these are conservative projections that will become real for the new owner. This house will never sell cheaper than this time in history. It is a good deal for the right investor looking for a solid rental property.

2- our Lake Arrowhead Resort Community Home is a 4 or 5 bedroom, 3 bath, about 2500sf, 4-level, view home in CA... newer 40yr roof, a mile high up in paradise and only 1:15 from LA, the ocean or Disneyland. 2 large decks, shed, across from our only mountain Country Club, fast commute up/down the hill - also free/clear. This home could also bring in identical future financial projections (or better since its in a resort area in Calif.)… that’s another $350k positive movement over the next 10yrs.

Visit website for additional info

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