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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > Mexico > San Jose Del Cabo > Zip: 23400

Active ID: 16811 Casa Windsecho in Mexico

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Court yard landscaping This is the court yard ,off to the left is The One Bedroom Casita,that is completely contained.The court yard has a complete automatic sprinkler system
Upstairs Kitchen The kitchen is accessed from the patio to left,that views the ocean just a small walk away.The patio is complete with Bar-B-Q,and covered Palapa eating area. To your right is where you would enter the master bedroom,and bathroom.There is a large patio exiting off both bedrooms and also ties into the solar panel deck.
Living room This are is directly behind  you if you are viewing the kitchen picture above.Off to the left is the second bedroom that has a queen size bed and a loft above with 2 double beds for guests or kids.I have a complete port folio of pictures should you need me to email them to you

Court yard landscaping
This is the court yard ,off to the left is The One Bedroom Casita,that is completely contained.The court yard has a complete automatic sprinkler system

Max. Swap Value: $550,000
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I am primarily interested in exchanging for proven income producing property that is of triple net (NNN) (NN) multifamily units,residentially rented homes,land or first mortgage held notes of good security.The property must be unencumbered or have a small minimum debt.It would be of extreme interest if the questioned property was located in the Northwestern United States or western Canada. please refrain from sending anything that has value exceeding my property by more than 50,000,00 USD. Thanks

Value: $499,000
Total loans: $0
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3
Year Built: 2005/2008
Square Feet: 2,500
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 15000
City: San Jose Del Cabo
State or Country: Mexico
Zip: 23400
Subdivision: Santa Cruz de Los Altos
Type: Single-family
Address: How to view address
Location features
  • Beach,
  • Desert,
  • Golf,
  • Green built,
  • Mountains,
  • Rural,
  • Waterview

Description: Well built home to USA standards,completely off the grig with extensive solar system and Generator back up.The home has 2 extra rentals that have proven themselves thru VRBO for the last 8 years.The location of Casa Windsecho is in most cases 2 to 3 hours of approx. flight time from any place in Canada and the United States.It is located approx. 10 miles north of San Jose Del Cabo or a one hour drive from Cabo San Lucas.The airport is SJD for anyone to check out.The community is Zacatitos,has approx. 200 homes and can be found on Los Zacatitos.com. Casa Windsecho is a stones throw from the beach that stretches for more than 25 miles, has excellent swimming,fishing,snorkeling,and has made a name for itself for surfing with the many breaks located on the East Cape.The community has 2 golf courses just 4 miles south and many more if you choose to venture closer to Cabo San Lucas.The new development by the Mayan Resort Empire has gotten underway just this last year with intensive infrastructure on a new concrete road direct from San Jose.This development is just to the north and boasts a 2000 room hotel/timeshare with a 10 acre salt water lake,restaurants,and 27 hole golf.The Zacatitos community stands to gain excellent exposure as well as value as this 5 year project gets underway.Please take the time to view pictures attached as this area is getting to be one of the most desired all year round places to retirement many Canadians,and US ,as well foreign individuals.

Visit website for additional info

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liveaboard coastal cruiser yacht
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Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx How to view name & phone
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Trade proposal by: Frank Cockrell > my listing #...
June 19, 2015
Hi I am interested in your property, I have other things you also might be interested in; art, antiques, jewelry, private airport lot . . /. acre lot you can build a hanger & house on the... >> access proposal with contacts and details
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