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TJ Jones
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ID: 18336 Very Hip Coffee / Sandwich / BBQ Joint on Main Downtown Street

Businesses for sale or trade Businesses for sale or trade
Texas > Bowie

Just over a year old Seattle's Best coffee / sandwich / BBQ shop with hip vibe and varied and scrumptious food menu.... More Info
Will swap for:
in: ,
> ... More Info

ID: 18222 Well established Fun Trendy Pub & Eatry in Small town Texas

Front of the building owner
Businesses for sale or trade Businesses for sale or trade
Texas > BOWIE

Only game in town besides a VFW, pool tables with tournaments two days a week and dart boards (owned by the bar) keep this place... More Info
Will swap for: Business Residential Sailboat Yacht
in: Any State,
> ... More Info

ID: 18335 A little SLice of Heaven on 103 acres an hour from DFW

Homes for sale or trade Farm > Homes for sale or trade
Texas > Bellevue

Newly remodeled 2958 sg foot 2 story home, an amazing master bedroom add on in the works. Recently added fully covered porch 570... More Info
Will swap for: Residential Sailboat Yacht
in: ,
> ... More Info
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