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We, BATUKU CO. LTD as mandatory with full corporate authority are ready and able to offer the following Products at prices at any buyer preferred or choice of destination with no upfront payment. Only the mandate and end buyer's. DESCRIPTION COMMODITY: Aurum Utalium (AU) FORM : 2 KG. Bars of Gold PURITY : 93.9% CARAT : 22 carats plus ASSAY : Final assay to be made by Buyer's choice of refinery, ORIGIN : Uganda PACKING : Approved Export Boxes QUANTITY : 50kgs WITH ROLLS AND EXTENSIONS. PAYMENT : After Final Assay to 999.9% Pure PRICE : 29,000 FOB. Currency/Payment...................US Dollars/All payments have to be clean money of non-criminal origin. Shipment:.......................The shipment would be carried out by freight to nearest international airport. CONTRACT PROCEDURE 1. Seller issues FCO to buyer. Buyer returns the FCO signed and sealed with Buyer’s LOI on buyer’s corporate letterhead paper. Meanwhile the seller takes care of buyer Visa etc. 2. Buyer and Seller or their representatives signs a Sales and Purchases Agreement (SPA) at Round Table Meeting in Bamako, Mali. 3. Seller and Buyer or their official representative sample test the Gold at the DNGM (Direction Nationale de Geology ET Mine) for preliminary Assay, Certification and Save Keeping pending payment of export taxes. 4. Seller will give collateral (Gold) to buyer to cover his export expenses pending when all export documents will be ready. 5. Buyer Deposit 7% of (Government tax base price) to an appointed independent registered and recognised Transiter/Shipping company to enable sellers pays the various governmental taxes and export expenses. Balance 93% to be paid after Full ASSAY at buyer chosen refinery. 6. Seller will issue copies of all export documents to buyer prior to shipment as well as the notice of shipping details. ETD, ETA and airway bill. 7. As agreed with the buyer, the Seller’s representative must accompany the product to buyer’s destination to witness final process. Buyer will arrange Ticket and hotel accommodation for seller’s representative at buyer’s destination. OWNERSHIP: Seller is the full owner of the gold bars until full payments is effected by the buyer. DOCUMENTATIONS: All pertinent documents concerning the exportation of the merchandise would be provided to the buyer. We hereby declare the above-furnished information is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and this offer is being made without any prejudice, for the successful completion of this said offer. Only serious buyers should contact me with there LOI, No time wasters please. We are big enough to welcome anyone and small enough to serve everyone Best Regards Mr. Keith Ntulume BATUKU CO. LTD (Owner/MD) Email: keithntulume@yahoo.com Mob: +256-741-566429 (Whatspp)

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