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FOR SALE OR TRADE: Tropical Property in Beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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Price: $150,000.00
Address: Pueblo SacBe
City: Playa Del Carmen
State: Mexico
Year Built: Garage Size:
Square Feet:
Lot Size:

Will swap for: Sailboat||Yacht

Catamaran sailboat... preferably single-handed option, but am willing to compromise... prefer 30 footer or thereabouts, with blue water capabilities....I can sail it from anywhere... if you're in Europe, I can even start my adventures there...
Located in: Any State >

Full Description:
One lush property of 25 by 25 meters or two for 25 by 50 meters in a beautiful eco-development called Pueblo SacBe ten minutes from famous 5th Avenue in tourist vacation town Playa Del Carmen, on the Caribbean. I love it there - I am not leaving, I still have property there, but I would like to explore the Caribbean in my very own catamaran... check out the gorgeous public park and theatre nestled in an open cenote in Pueblo SacBe... I havent checked out every square inch of the properties yet - you might find your very own cave entrance on this special slice of Yucatan jungle! Build your very own dream home in this special place :)

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