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World for trade or purchase

My world, Brazoria, TX, 77480-2415, My world was given by a man living in it. Ask him., United States


It includes the people, the responsibility of the people, caring for the living and maintaining the peace that only you can do. I'm not sure if there is a gift tax I owe but I'm certain that this place is better left to people who are not under the control of others that wanted destruction of my people. For instance I was raised by a man who I believed to be my dad but after one tiny comment from a teacher calling me bad names, he was taken and put in a place I can't find. So the trouble I have was never concerning to the new man who wanted to help his partners. They've threatened my entire belief and changed it so I'd like to change also. My world for another one. Or enough to buy a piece of something else. All options considered. This was a baby City and many came to deceive, destroy, and steal just like history stated. If anything's left it's available.

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If they built it on lies after using my life to cover their expense, shouldn't I be able to become just like they are? I don't have the back of the mafia like they expect. I'm merely a man dying to survive a title I had to be taught to understand and I hate it. I'm always the outsider doing just as much to fit in as to obey your rules as we were taught. My allegiance should have been to us, not a flag. Secret service has too many secrets and all they want is the secrets you don't yet possess until they give them to you. Protection is not in their job. Destroying innocent lives instead of teaching a secret to survival is. I hope they find peace. Even the ones converted against me when I had nothing to give but the life I was given to be here. My heart is poo and it's gone too. Will travel. The threat is made to take over me and that's happened already. If I file I'm wrong because they said so. The people could have seen it but would they make it better or worse? I don't want you in my world. I was given no time limit. You asked me to take it. I refused. What is so important you must be seen by me and not let others be seen? My eyes are coming out if they're that special you'd lie about them. I'll eat one.


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Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1.5
Living Areas: You evict, you pick. It's yours to rule.


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