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1,  Financing Available. You're Approved! Own a piece of Mexico Paradise

$ 625 000
Swap all 5 or as many as you want. Really looking for a FL intracoastal property, lambo or catamaran but will consider most trades. Give it a shot, what do you have to lose by asking? You'll never lose on this beachfront.
RETIRE HERE! (Right after covid) Updated!! Mexico beachfront. Ever asked yourself, "why cant I ever find a great deal" This is your chance! If you have ever dreamed of living and or retiring in Mexico, this is your lucky day. I have several properties I want to sell so I can start on my eco resort in that same beautiful area. All are on the soft amazingly clean beach between Sabancuy and Ciudad Del Carmen. Each lot measures 20m wide x 405m deep ... 5 lots in total (side by side) Sell 4 of ‚Äč‚Äčthem separately and get your 5th lot for free. Buy before the development rush and the increased rates. Nearby permits have been issued for a huge tourism project "Playa Mundo" (look it up) so this land is going to increase in value considerably. You know you want to. Who wouldn't want to have a retirement plan ready to go especially if you got it for free. Hey, Trade for something, throw something at me. Who knows. USA, Canada, EUR. I'll even throw in approved financing with 50% down. Look, its really a no brainer. Similar properties nearby are now asking $200,000 USD My properties are going for an amazing $125,000 USD (right next door) Yes, unfortunately I just raised the price like everyone else in the area. If you do the quick math. Buy the 5 for 625k Sell 4 lots for the going rate of 200k each. That means, you get your lot for free and 175k left to build. Don't miss your opportunity to own a piece of paradise. You won't find them cheaper than this!
Address: Isla de Aguada, Campeche, Mexico
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