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82 acres in the Ozarks, MO

$ 245
We will swap for comparable value land, homes, rental homes, business with real estate, commercial property, multifamily, etc. Lake land or land on water as well, lake houses, etc.
80+ acres very close to Lake of the Ozarks. $245,000 Basically a land business in a box if you want to re-sell and make outstanding cash flow over the next 5-7 years selling these lots on terms. Or just keep it to yourself and enjoy an amazing piece of Ozark beauty with beautiful lake views for your family for generations to come. Already re-platted into 27 individual, sellable lots and will have dedicated marketing website with full sale information and pictures/drone footage and all you need to pick it up and start selling. We purchase and sell land remotely every day and you will enjoy a turn-key website and full instructions on how to do it with this property. Included with this is an email and text blast to hundreds of people that inquired from the last 18 months that showed an interest in other properties we have already sold in the area. Our projected cash flow from this property is about $500K over 60-72 months. We many opportunities in other states as well as this one and wholesale properties to investors. We will commence our marketing and sales internally with this one in June if we don't have a sale/trade before then. Late Spring and all the way into the fall are the best times to sell this kind of buildable/recreational land near Lake of the Ozarks.
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Type: Everything else