Refunds, Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Notice to all buyers and sellers: Legal advise must be always sought when transferring property or other assets. We suggest using a combination of title companies and attorneys located in the jurisdiction of the asset location, especially if assets being traded are in different countries in order to determine evidence of clear title. Do not take chances!

Privacy Policy

We take user privacy very seriously. Any personal information we collect is used for internal account administration only. We do not collect and will never ask for any private information, such as, Social Security Numbers or bank account numbers. Our credit card processing is handled entirely by the industry leader Members' credit card and bank account information is stored on servers and has no access to that information, nor are we responsible for it.
We never reveal users' email addresses inside the listings or our forums, unless a user deliberately inserts email or phone number in the post. does not resell personal information to third parties.

Featured Listing Views Guarantee and Refunds

If you featured listing included "offer guaranteed or your money back" promotion as stated on your plan description then we will refund all fees paid if you did not receive any emails or offers to trade from other users during the entire term of the listing. Real Estate Book or any other print ad plans are excluded.

if we fail to meet your featured listing views goal within one year, we will refund the prorated and unused portion of your payment. All refunds are calculated at the same $0.10 per listing purchase rate. So if you paid $300 for 3,000 views and we only generated 2,000 views we will refund $100 (1,000 underperformed views X $0.10 = $100). In most cases, however, we outperform and sellers gain substantially more views than promised. You will never be charged for outperformance or any additional views.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you paid for a listing then later decided to use our "free listing" option, unfortunately we cannot refund, but you can use the promotion to upgrade or extend your listing. One more year will be added to STANDARD listing plan if you already paid for the listing and use the promotional code.

Information Not Warranted or Guaranteed:

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Any property law, tax, or 1031 exchange information presented on this website is not a legal advise. Legal assistance must be sought for any of these matters.