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Transportation for sale or trade Transportation for sale or trade > South Carolina > georgetown > Zip: 29440

Traded ID: 2067 trade RV for boat

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    Boats Boats

    sport fishing boat of like value. maximum length 37 feet. must have full electronics and be available for survey.

    Make: RV
    Value: $150,000
    City: georgetown
    State or Country: South Carolina
    Zip: 29440
    Vehicle Milage: 4,000
    Vehicle Type
    • Diesel,
    • RV

    Ext. Color: grey/black
    Int. Color: fawn

    Description: 37' Tropi-cal diesel coach. three slides, freightliner chassis, cat 350-hp C9, electric awnings, fully equipped, like new condition with 100,000 mile drive train warranty.

    Swap Type:

    swap even swap even

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    If no phone number is listed then seller decided not to disclose this information. Please email seller via the public or private swap proposal tools below.
    Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (1)add
    Trade proposal by: Landon Sanborn > my listing #15831 (other proposals)
    June 13, 2014
    I would be intrested im a even trade, any chance of some pictures.

    Live Your Dream
    $150,000 In Duncan, British Columbia. Location: Genoa Bay Marina, Vancouver Island...

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