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Homes for sale or trade Homes for sale or trade > North Carolina > Cashiers > Zip: 28723

Active ID: 4534 NC Mountain lake view gated Home For Sale Highlands Cashiers



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Take small part trade in southeast

Value: $599,000
Year Built: 2000
Square Feet: 4,200
Lot/Acreage Size (in acres): 2
City: Cashiers
State or Country: North Carolina
Zip: 28723
Type: Single-family
Address: How to view address

Description: More info, Pictures- See at www.lakeglenvillemtntop.com
Tom 828-226-0624

In Shepherds Mountain gated Community at 4000 feet elevation, overlooking Lake Glenville.

Large Mountain Style Home great views down the main body of Lake Glenville on lot 29, 2.1 acres -$599,00

-Sunset view home site over Lake Glenville and Snowbird Mountains. 3.3 acres- $225,000.

Take small part trade, owner financing. More pics & info at- www.lakeglenvillemtntop.com

*** Contact information on web site *** www.lakeglenvillemtntop.com

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I will offer owner financing I will offer owner financing
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If no phone number is listed then seller decided not to disclose this information. Please email seller via the public or private swap proposal tools below.
Public & 3-way Swap Proposals: (12)add
Trade proposal by: Tim Herron > my listing #...
February 21, 2013
Just off hwy . . . and close to jocassee and whitewater falls
[listing . . . details and pictures]
>> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Bryan Valdes (no listing ID provided)
September 26, 2013
I have three homes that I am trying to sell , two homes are in Amelia Island Florida , one is listed at $. . . ,. . . and the other at $. . . ,. . . I also have a home in Miami Florida listed at... >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Ray Zorain > my listing #...
January 12, 2014
Your home and assume my first or I will stay on the loan to make this happen
$. ,. . . per month PIT&I included $. . . k Balance
[listing . . . details and pictures]
>> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Rick Ukmar > my listing #...
May 03, 2014
Trade proposal by: Tonya (no listing ID provided)
October 24, 2014
And how about close to Florida with lower taxes, but still close to Great White Sand Beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast: shrimp festivals, music festivals,fishing, sailing, and, of... >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Craig Sibbett > my listing #...
August 26, 2015
We have a client who would like to talk about TRADING for your property.

Choices below:

. ) . . . K paid off Panama Beach Front Home. SUPER RENTS for you monthly here... >> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Bryan Valdes (no listing ID provided)
June 15, 2016
5000 square foot home on the intercostal in Amelia island Florida 32034 . 5451 Florence Point Drive .
Bryan Valdes 305-794-7506
Trade proposal by: rob godbey > my listing #17401 (other proposals)
June 20, 2016
Please review my listing in Winter Garden Fl listing ID 17401 I might have an interest in a trade

Beautiful Home lakefront in Winter Garden close to attractions
$650,000 In Winte Garden, Florida. Beautiful Waterfront single story 3500 sq ft 12...

Trade proposal by: rob godbey > my listing #...
July 16, 2016
Please see my listing # . . . . . I am looking for a house in the mountains
[listing . . . details and pictures]
>> access proposal with contacts and details
Trade proposal by: Margaret deBoer > my listing #17457 (f -1127als e review s/> < idWeainercur="tess"116788"NC"> Pleasment-texat2701"> We haveer Garden Fl listing ID 17401 I might have an interest in a trade

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