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National Media Coverage: CBS News, Wall Street Journal

CBS 2 - KCAL 9 - Orange County, March 4, 2009

Dave Dessecker is an active Real Estate Broker/Exchangor in the Orange County, CA Area. Below is his interview on house swapping. View Dave's Profile

Featured stories on house trading

Stuck In Your Home? Swap It (CBS News with Katie Couric) 

With two kids, Melissa Petrocco and her husband needed more space, but couldn’t move until they sold their 1,900-square-foot townhouse outside Atlanta. CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reports that it sat on the market for nearly two years. 

“We really thought in this market, we’re going to be here forever,” Petrocco said. Watch video and read entire article...

Stumped home sellers look to make a trade

msnbc_houseswapping By Jane Hodges
updated 1:22 p.m. ET, Wed., March. 4, 2009
Blynda and Leonard Masters wanted to buy a bigger home in Jacksonville, Fla., so they could entertain more and host extended family. Like many would-be home buyers in this market, however, they faced an increasingly common financing problem: They couldn’t borrow to buy a new property until they sold their old one. Read entire article...

KFL AM-640 Radio Interview with Dave Dessecker

Dave Dessecker is an active Real Estate Broker/Exchangor in the Orange County, CA Area. Below is his more in-depth interview on exchanging properties and broker involvement. View Dave's Profile. (click play to start)

Atlanta: Challenging Market Leads to House Swapping

By Jerry Carnes Read the full story....

Can't Sell? How About a Swap?

Updated 1:45 PM PDT, Thu, Mar 19, 2009

msnbc_houseswapping With the real estate market being what it is these days, home owners looking to upgrade to a better property may find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle. They can't take advantage of low home prices, because those same low prices have made it impossible to sell their current home. Read the full story...

Watch CBS News Channel 13 Sacramento Local House Trading Story

Watch why one desperate seller has decided to try house swapping with GoSwap.org
Press play to start the video:

The latest thing: land-for-boat swaps

Sooundings Boating Magazine Brokers say bartering is a good answer to the swoons in both the marine and real estate markets.
Sluggish sales have spurred an uptick in bartering — real estate for boats. Michel Servant, a Montreal real estate developer, is looking to trade his 700-acre hobby ranch and 150 head of buffalo in New Brunswick, Canada, for a $1.5 million to $2 million expedition trawler. “Money is scarce,” says Servant, 52. “People want to hold on to it.” Read the full story...

CBS News - The Morning Show - Home Swapping

There have been two CBS News stories recently, one aired on The Morning Show on Saturday February 9, 2008 and the interview was given by a homeowner in the Washington DC area who advertises her house on GoSwap.org. It covers a few angles of home swapping as the emerging real estate medium. You can watch the entire TV story in our video channel section.

CBS News LA - A Local Home Swapping Success Story

Los Angeles news interview with Jerry Stussman, who swapped his California house for a Virginia property. You can watch the entire TV story in our video channel section

WSJ - I'll Buy Your House If You Buy Mine

This article was published on January 1, 2008 on TheRealEstateJournal.com which is part of The Wall Street Journal.



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TheStreet.com - Your homw not selling? Swap it!

One of the first media sources to notice us, this article has later been featured on Yahoo! Finance. (and our servers could not handle all the traffic that day, sorry to say)

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