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Real Estate Trading Video Channel

CBS 2 - KCAL 9 - Orange County

Dave Dessecker is an active Real Estate Broker/Exchangor in the Orange County, CA Area. Below is his interview on house swapping. click the play button to start


Featured stories on house trading

Stumped home sellers look to make a trade

msnbc_houseswapping By Jane Hodges
Blynda and Leonard Masters wanted to buy a bigger home in Jacksonville, Fla., so they could entertain more and host extended family. Like many would-be home buyers in this market, however, they faced an increasingly common financing problem: They couldn’t borrow to buy a new property until they sold their old one. Read entire article...

CBS News - The Early Show - Story on Home Swapping - February 9, 2008

This video is available directly on CBS News:

CBS Channel 2 in LA News Story on Home Swapping

Orlando, FL Another Successful Swap Story


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