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  • When swapping existing mortgages will be paid off at closing. Since property swap involves party A buying a property from party B party A's mortgage will be paid off from party B's proceeds, while party B's mortgage will be paid off from party A's proceeds. Because most transactions are financed actual funds are coming from the mortgage companies, plus equity that either party had, (if any).

  • Do you have a loan? No problem, you can still swap as long as you qualify for a new loan. Swapping works as simple as "I buy yours if you buy mine." read more...

  • keep equity
    One of the biggest advantages of trading properties versus selling in a declining market is value preservation. Both parties in a trade can agree on the property values they are comfortable with, and not the values dictated by foreclosures and short sales in the area. More info at How to swap...

  • no double payments
    When trading real estate owners pay off the mortgage on their existing home and obtain new financing on the new home - all on the same day via simultaneous closing. More info at How to swap...

  • save on commission
    House swappers can potentially save $5,000 on real estate commission for each $100,000 in trade value. So, if both parties swapped their $300K homes, the total savings would be $30,000 (or $15,000 per side assuming a typical 5% commission). More info at How to swap...

  • Trading houses actually makes it easier for borrowers to qualify for a new mortgage on the property they are buying because mortgage on the current house is paid off when they trade. More info at How to swap...

  • Owners do not have to have their properties paid off in order to be able to swap, contrary to popular belief. However, owner will have to be able to qualify for a new loan on the property they are swapping for. More info at How to swap...

Why advertise your property for sale or trade on GoSwap.org?

Why advertise with us?

Exposure, Guaranteed Matches, Likely Offers, Most Innovative Marketing Platform...

  • Your listing at GoSwap.org is just the beginning as we also submit it to most of the following sites (at your discretion) with a link back to your listing and provide you with listing sharing tools. It would otherwise take you hours to open accounts and post your property for sale on these sites, not to mention that some of these websites charge as much as $199 per listing.
As of late 2009, we syndicate our featured listings to over 250 real estate and classifieds websites worldwide including our latest partnerships with Facebook and Myspace classifieds portals and several real estate exchange sites, such as PermanentHouseTrading.com. We are proud to be the only asset trading website in the world to have partnered with so many websites. Below is a flash presentation showing where we submit listings to. Point on any website to read more, if you see a blank space then flash player must be installed on your browser.

Our Facebook listings syndication sample

As of late 2008, after enactment of the new Buy and Bail law, it is becoming less effective to advertise a property for sale, except if:
  • The property is priced considerably below the current market value
  • The seller is offering substantial incentives, such as seller financing
We strongly believe that pursuing a permanent exchange will likely yield higher chances of finding a buyer than trying to sell via conventional methods. Therefore, we suggest to avoid spending much money on newspaper ads or typical FSBO or MLS websites and directing marketing efforts on finding a real estate match instead.
  • Finding a match is directly related to the amount of seller's effort. It is highly unlikely that one of the first 50 viewers will even propose a swap, much less become the lead. So statistically, listings need more exposure and usually receive 1 swap proposal for every 100-200 views. What do you think the chances of receiving a swap proposal without even having a listing are?
  • We guarantee "virtual" matches for listings with an "open minded" swap criteria because we have hundreds of owners willing to consider a trade for "any location". Set your swap criteria more open. Do not close all the doors by specifying that swapping only for one zip code is considered. Having narrow swap criteria leads to fewer offers or in some cases to no offers at all. Follow these three steps above to get as many offers as possible, then choose from available options.
  • Expose your listing to all potential property traders. Sending out swap proposals is one approach, but having a well presented property listing provides extra assurance to visitors that the seller is serious and not a "tire kicker".

    According to our statistics, most of the proposals and enquires without a link to an existing listing or complete details are left unanswered.

If your listing is not posted on GoSwap.org you are missing out in the following key areas:
  • Your property does not appear in our search results; therefore, you will not be receiving swap proposals from others
  • Your property does not appear in search engine results
  • It does not appear on Google maps
  • Current GoSwap.org members with saved searches are not notified of your listing matching their swap criteria.
  • Every time you propose a swap you have to type the listing description and it is not possible to provide pictures.

So, do signup today... Get offers, Have options!

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*We make a diligent effort to submit all standard 1-year listings in GoSwap.org real estate categories to about 20 sites from the listing aggregators list above and provide sellers with additional listing linking widgets and tools to submit to other sites. However, some of these partner sites may decline certain listings because of extraneous characters found in listing fields or missing information. So to increase the chances of successful syndication, post a standard 1-year listing with images and do not use characters "&, %, *, /, #, $" or HTML in the address, city, lot, size, or year built fields.

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